Monday, August 11, 2008

EXTREEEEEME Sunday - Luxury Wafers heads to Magic Mountain

Sunday was the day. Clear and sunny. We arrived shortly after the park opened and rushed to stand in line for 2 hours to kick the day off with a ride on the new X2 Rollercoaster. Sick. Prepare yourself. Watch the video - perspective from the front seat........


That was the sound of sheer terror. I feel like I sent my seven year-old off to war. I worried after the fact (like any reasonable parent would) that she might have ended up with a serious case of PTSD requiring years and tens of thousands in therapy to get right.

My head still pounds. Days later.
From riding the kiddie coasters.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I am the worlds biggest chicken.
I broke into a cold sweat and tears at the prospect of being flung through the air at top speed upside down and backward, falling face first with shitty fear music pounding in my ears.

Check out the big-drop Goliath Coaster below...

Lucky for us the economy has sucked, so outside of the X2, there were hardly any lines.
Much fun was had: a few bitten tongues, various headaches, a fair share of sunburn, bellies full of frozen lemonade and other assorted trash - your typical aberrant American cultural celebration.

It's Wednesday now. Luxury Wafers is back to work. A bottle of Advil and a few more live sessions behind us, we've got new stuff to post. I promise to get it to ya ASAP.

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