Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Molino, Live@Chessvolt 8/12/08

Molino is a motley assemblage of four interesting musicians who come together and create thoroughly spaced out music in a marvelous way.
Cliff on bass, Suki on keys, Jason on drums and Abraham, the creator, on guitar and extremely David Byrne-esque vocals - they play songs that are kind of about love - sucky love - and freedom that isn’t so a relationship in which you're not really sure if you're in or out - all with a sticky rhythm like the gum on the bottom of your shoe on a hot afternoon. Between the vibe that suggests Talking Heads, B52s and Buddy Holly and the way they ride a groove to the edge of Pink Floyd, Molino is intriguing, relaxing and exhilirating at once, like a cat in and out of a paper bag.
The song, Everybody, opens reminiscent of Simple Minds' tune from The Breakfast Club.
At a short 5 minutes, its easy repetition feels open, like standing stripped at the edge of the ocean.
Salvation is an experience unto itself. The bass groove vibrates so deep you think maybe your tire’s blown, but in this state it wouldn’t really matter. Rushing trippy keys fly through like epiphaneal cracks of light. It sounds like the first sparks of life in a dark crisp universe.
The unhurried 8 minute lead-in gives way to a celebratory, revelatory jam galore that
culminates in a joyous release, returning to a spaced out but crunchy, charged, confusing satisfaction, all of which ends with a tiny revelatory reprise.
Think 2001, A Space Odyssey.
Space. Lots of space. Molino will give you the space to enjoy their nice ride.
Check out their upcoming Silverlake shows.
Everybody Needs Somebody

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